FMCS 2.4


Demonic Metaprogramming Framework for Common Lisp.

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Flavors Meta-Class System (FMCS): User Manual

:warning: This is a work in progress. The documentation is being restored and updated from the original sources. Please check back later for updates.

This manual describes the Flavors Meta-Class System (FMCS) for Demonic Metaprogramming in Common Lisp, an alternative to CLOS+MOP. It has been restored from the CMU AI Repository alongside Jürgen Walther’s BABYLON AI Workbench system, from which the sources of FMCS were extracted as a standalone library.


Including contributions by, and code based on the work of:


Copyright © 1984–2023, the Authors. Restrored from the CMU AI Repository and released under the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

Restoration Note: as explicitly noted in the original source-code, FMCS was released by Jürgen Walthers under similar terms as the X Windows System, X11, and the MIT License is the closest modern, standardized FOSS equivalent.